Need help with my writing homework on The Diversity of HR Practices or policies employed by different branches of a Multinational Corporation in two countries and the. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Logistic analysis has been used to study the comparative impact of human resource organisational structures. There are many determinants to an organisations corporate human resource’s involvement in setting subsidiary level human resource policy up to and including the laws that exist in the country of origin. Literature search, strategy and aims In this paper, we will try to argue that human resource structures arbitrate the impact of the country of origin and the current host country of the subsidiary. For coca cola, the results we found tend to support an arbitration effect: it is important to note that the effects of country of origin on corporate human resource’s role are umpired by human resource structures for United States of America’s companies but the same is not true for Nigeria’s companies. The findings also imply that the salience of human resource structures as apparatus for influencing auxiliary level human resource policy is not universal across all multi-national companies’. Data was collected from the company website, “Management, 4th edition” by Englewood Cliffs, “How institutions evolve: insights from comparative historical analysis” by Streeck, W.

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