Need help with my writing homework on Food Security and Climbing Food Prices in Nigeria. Write a 2750 word paper answering; In the given situation, the case of Nigeria is illustrative, as it is one of the low-income countries situated in Africa and it suffers from the lack of food security. In this context, securing upcoming food is now considered a nation’s priority in this country. In the opinion of the World Bank, Nigeria is one of the poorest countries that experiences poverty, hunger, famine and malnutrition problems resulting from not have enough healthy food to consume.4 Because of this, the given essay analyses the appearance of food crisis in Nigeria and investigates how both international organizations and national leaders face this challenge.

This essay is divided into three parts. The first one discusses the methodology to the analysis of food security and the situation with it in Nigeria. The second considers the specific role of international actors (the World Bank, United Nations and WTO) in assisting this situation. The last one evaluates the shortcomings and relevance of their incentives in the current political environment in Nigeria.

To start with, the fact that most countries are preoccupied with solving food security issue puts methodological difficulties on the investigation of this problem. Among the key factors that affect food security, scholars mostly concentrate on its price and the level of access to it. In other words, the adequate level of food security means that it is hard for a certain country to ensure that people get enough access to healthy food. For this purpose, this essay uses the definition of food security as the amount of food accessed by people in their own country. Precisely, food security is defined as food that exists at all adequate times with the right amount that can meet their dietary needs for a healthy lifestyle.5 In the context of this discussion, this essay emphasises food prices rather than food availability.

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