Need help with my writing homework on Docklands Light Railways. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The Boroughs have also supported the extension and are working with the Docklands Light Railway Limited DLRL to ensure their policy support is adequate. Developing the Royal Albert Dock will transform the surrounding area’s infrastructure and economy. However, it proves a serious technical engineering and logistical challenge with several hurdles.

The extension is a key element in the development of infrastructure in the London part of Thames Gateway. It will provide a direct link to the Barking Riverside development area. The elements to be considered are works to the necessary utilities, earthworks, remediation, and earth water control. The focus of the infrastructure proposal in the docklands is to provide a sustainable community focused on public transport with high densities and mixed uses around stations. The planning consent imposes restrictions to the developer such that no more than 1500 residential units should be occupied before the Transport and Works Act (TWA) orders come into force, and that no more than 4000 residential units should be occupied before the DLR extension is operational for fare-paying passengers. (Christopher 2013, 10)

The DLR extension is proposed due to the inefficient public transport that is slow and may be inaccessible and considered by the Mayor together with the London Development Agency as a priority area for change in the Government’s Thames gateway strategic partnership. The new terminus is a viable connection that will link other towns because of its ability to improve transport and saving time. The master plan for Barking Riverside has been approved and granted 10,800 homes as part of the government’s plan for Thames Gateway. The route will form three new stations to deliver a sustainable community focused on public transport. The DLR extension should focus on minimal property acquisition and demolition to enable minimum costs relating to the project. The DLR stations will radically improve accessibility to jobs and other facilities to promote significant levels of development.

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