Need help with my writing homework on : Application: Adoption of New Technology Systems. Write a 750 word paper answering; According to him, people are largely concerned with relative advantage, compatibility with existing values and practices, simplicity, trialability, and observable results (Rogers, 2003). The nurses will be the most critical barrier, supporter, risk, and resource when implementing the new electronic health records system. First, I will communicate to the nurse about the new electronic health records system. This will play a significant part in ensuring there is relative advantage. This is because the nurse adopting the new electronic health records system will have the opportunity to see how the new innovation will be an improvement over the conventional way of recording health information. Initial consultation and communication with the nurses, while the change implementation is still in the planning phase, will help in getting the nurses involved and ready to play a part in the change process (McGonigle &amp. Mastrian, 2012). This will also make them have a sense of possession of the project and a fascination in its success. Second, I will make sure that the nurses have varying degrees of involvement in the project. This will guarantee compatibility with current practices and values of the organization.

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