Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the concept of reflective nursing Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! A Tracheotomy or Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that is performed on the neck of a patient to open direct air passage by making an incision in the trachea and performing an operation. The difference between a tracheostomy and tracheotomy is quite small for the fact that the hole made is permanent. If a cannula is used, the unsutured opening heals into a patent stoma within a week. If a tracheostomy cannula is removed (decannulation) the hole would heal in about the same time.

In ancient times, this procedure of slitting the throat to save a life was condemned by people for they considered it to be “semi- slaughter”. But later, when this procedure was perfected and in turn helped a great many people, it opened doors for medical heroism and gained a respectable place in medical history.

refers to the placing of a tube internally or externally into the orifice of our body. There are two types of Intubation. One is the endotracheal Intubation where the tube is placed into the mouth of the patient and the nasotracheal Intubation where the tube is passed through the nose.

The nurse helps the patient to remove dentures or any fixtures in the mouth and she administers sedatives to make the patient drowsy. The patient is then put on a pulse oximeter (a small device clipped gently to the finger or ear lobe of the patient to monitor the blood and oxygen levels. Other monitors such as the blood pressure cuff and electrocardiogram are also used. The back of the throat is sprayed with a local anesthetic to numb the tissue.

The physician used a bronchoscope which he inserts into the nose or mouth to visualize the air passages clearly. The bronchoscope is a long, narrow, fiber optic, lighted tube that has a small camera at its tip. This camera displays images on a video screen or camera. It allows the physician to clearly examine the larynx (voice box) trachea (windpipe) bronchi (air passages leading to the lungs) and bronchioles (smaller passages from the bronchi.)

There are two types of Bronchoscopes – one is flexible and the other is rigid.

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