Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Scriptures of the World Religions. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Purusa is an enormous god whose body provided the resources required for the formation of the stars, the planets and all living things on earth. Three-quarters of his body ascended to form the heavens while the remaining quarter formed both living and non-living creatures on earth. In addition to the formation of the physical universe, the body of Purusa also gave rise to the four social classes. According to the passage (Fieser & Powers, p.11), the mouth of the giant god formed the Brahmins, his arms became the Warriors (ksatriya), his thighs the People (vaisya), and from the feet came the Servants (sudra). Also, the passage explains the origin of heavenly bodies and other gods from the sacrifice of Purusa.

The passage is confusing in a number of ways. First, it does not give an account of the origin of the earth as the story begins with the presence of a giant god pervading the earth and later ascends to form the heavens. These scriptures have had a great impact on the life of the Indians. For instance, the social structure of Indian society has remained the same over the years primarily due to the scriptural justification of the social stratification typical of this society. The story also introduces the Indian tradition of polytheism from which a number of other religions in the world today differ.

The second account of creation in the Hindu religion is given in the passage on the origin of the gods (Fieser & Powers, p.12). According to this account, the existence of life originated from nonexistence. Later, the gods were produced from a goddess who “crouched with legs spread”, alluding strongly to experiences in human life. The origin of the gods is likened to the human way of giving birth, although the positions described seeming to be associated with yoga. Yoga is believed to emanate an energy that can be utilized in the generation of life. The passage also gives a brief account of how the gods&nbsp.are related to each other. For instance, Aditi gave birth to eight gods, among them Martanda, the sun. She ascended to the heavens with seven of the gods, and left Martanda to produce life and then die.

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