Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on operational management issues for services Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! This critical investigation requires immediate attention in order to increase aircraft security and also to facilitate passengers up to the maximum extent.

During the aircraft landing/chock on and take off the pilot is supposed to ensure all the equipments while making necessary confirmations. On the other hand he should inform the tower management regarding the take-off and landing condition, for instance, atmospheric pressure etc. However, if this job is done by the cabin crew then still the pilot must ensure whether or not the tower heads know about their required activities to be performed. The time allocation for pilot’s aircraft investigation activities is missing. Since he is the one who makes the final decision of taking off the airplane therefore he must be given enough time to check the aircraft while also communicating the required information to the crew members.

The job descriptions of office people, tower heads and cabin crew are missing. For instance, they are needed to record the entire turnaround procedure while calculating time and delays. The tower heads are supposed to check flight timings, scheduling of other aircrafts, traffic signals, air plane queuing etc. Research indicates that most flights are delayed due to lack of traffic control (WU, 2003, p.314). Therefore, the role of back-office people becomes even more substantial as they need to ensure the presences of all boarding passengers, cabin crew and related staff members. Furthermore, they have to check their identities and baggage.

The cabin service activities are missing which constitute of engineering checks, technical checks, airfreight cargo, information verifications etc. The time for overall turnaround process must be reduced in order to increase efficiency, aircraft performance (Thorne, 2007, p.11) and also to remove time delays.

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