Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Marketing Communication Tools Briefing Document. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Direct marketing is usually executed through telephone, direct mail, online computer shopping, direct broadcast advertising through the radio and television, and through home shopping networks (Talloo, 2007, pp. 204).

Public relations are an intentional plan by the business to create good relations with the suppliers, customers, creditors, shareholders, and any social organization. The business tries to improve relations with the above-mentioned clients as they are able to determine the future business prospects either directly or indirectly (Chandrasaker, 2010, pp.363). Public relations also refer to all the marketing activities that are involved in sensitizing the public about a certain product, individual, service, or issue. This is usually concerned with the management of the company’s image that assists the public understand the company and its products (Talloo, 2007, pp. 204).

In Direct marketing, the customers enjoy convenience because they do not fight with traffic jams, spend time looking for a place to shop and park. The customers will be able to order online or shop from catalogs available on their phones and the goods delivered in their doorstep. Purchasing through direct buying is easy and private and does not require a direct face to face interaction with the salesperson as many people may not be interested in dealing with sales personnel. Direct marketing also provides a chance to have direct communication with the customers thus strengthening the relationship (Talloo, 2007, pp. 204). Because direct marketing is interactional, the business can use the information or the views expressed by the customers to improve on the products to fulfill the customer’s desires (Boone, 2011, pp. 505)

Public relations and publicity, an important part of public relations, are important methods of product and service promotion where a favorable word of mouth can be generated if both were used in a market. These two will influence the customer prospects as direct campaigns lack the ability&nbsp.to convince the customer as they will provide the tangibility of the product or service to the customers and the consumers (Chandrasaker, 2010, pp.363).

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