Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Mariposa Botnet and How It Works. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Botnet means control. The owners of the botnet take control of the infected computers’ functions. While under control, the criminal leaders of the Mariposa Botnet malware can do whatever they want with the files stored in the hacked computers’ database. Malware programs constantly changes to avoid being noticed by the attacked computers’ warning systems. The criminal leaders of the Mariposa Botnet malware masterminds use software strategies and social engineering procedures to find ways to pass on the malware into targeted victims’ computers. Malware sends information to their crime headquarters.

To understand the Mariposa Botnet malware program, the botnet term should first be discussed. A botnet normally occurs in a P2P environment. Several computers connect to each other to engage in file-sharing activities. One computer can connect to a botnet in order to get files located in another botnet member’s computer. Some individuals volunteer to join the peer to peer environment. They feel that the benefits from the botnet environment because they can retrieve files from other botnet environment members (Stamp, 2010).

Understanding the Mariposa Botnet malware program, malware is discussed here. Malware means malicious codes. The infecting malware code acts as an agent. The agent, malware code, does the bidding or obeys the instructions of the malware manufacturer, creator. When infected by the malware, the computer is now like a zombie of the malware creator. The malware culprit obeys the malware creator’s instructions to hand in the personal data or information of the computer unit’s owner or user. When the computer owner gives instructions to the computer, the computer refuses to comply with the computer owner’s instructions (Thompson, 2009).

Further, a computer virus normally differs from a botnet. A virus is a program that is set to activate at a scheduled time, usually sometime in the future.

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