Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on An introduction into the importance and nature of gastronomic events (Afternoon tea). It needs to be at least 250 words. Gastronomic Events – Afternoon Tea Gastronomic Events – Afternoon Tea The term gastronomy is used to refer to the study of cuisine as well as various other cultural norms of different regions with specific focus on cuisine that are gourmet in nature (dictionary.cambridge.org, 2014). The term gastronomic events falls under the umbrella of gastronomy and is used to refer to the food related events that are practiced by different nations and these events especially symbolizes these nations. For example: one of the gastronomic events that occur in the region of Britain is afternoon tea which became a part of Britain’s tradition during the period of 1840 and was introduced with the propose of escalating the feel of hunger for a meal that takes place during evening session, especially around the time of 8pm (handpickedhotels.co.uk, 2014). Afternoon tea comprises of various food items such as cakes, sugary pastries, patties along with a cup of tea. This gastronomic event was first practiced as a portion of a socializing event that used to be private in nature and used to be practiced by the female populations of Britain and these females mostly represented the upper class of the society. Later this event was awarded with the status of being a formal occasion as the practice of afternoon tea was exercised by Queen Victoria and the event was recognized as tea receptions. Tea receptions are events that comprise of around 200 guests that visit a home where the event is held during evening hours and these visitors are allowed to be a part of the event whenever they wish to during evening hours.


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