Write a personal career plan.

Write a plan for how your career will proceed from where you are now.  Include goals for 2yrs, 5yrs, 20 yrs for yourself.  Explain what milestones you have to reach for each of those goals and give a plan to reach each milestone.  Required outline:
page:    About me, why I want to be an ECE
1 page: 2-year goal (2 years from NOW).
My goal for 2022 is xxxxxxxxxxxx
Why this goal is important,  how you will know you achieve the goal, 
To achieve this goal I will (specific actions)
1 page: 5-year goal (5 years after your expected graduation).
My goal for 2027 is xxxxxxxxxxxx
To achieve this goal I will
1 page: Describe a typical workday in an ideal work environment for you 5 years from now.
page: 20-year goal
My goal for 2041 is xxxxxxxxxxxx
Example: Life may take me in one of many directions that are hard to predict, but as of now I would like to:

A good plan takes sides!  Do not waffle and describe a tree-like structure where you have one plan if you get a job and another plan if you dont and another plan if you dont get a job and dont get into grad school, etc etc.  Your plan should assume you will be successful at anything (thats realistic for YOU) that you attempt.  Tell us whats going to happen.  (Dont worry, this is not a contract: I wont regrade you 20 years from now if your career turns out different from the plan!).

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