Write a general marketing plan for Nike Energy Bars

You will need to include the following headings and be specific in your explanations and reasons. Be sure to use correct Marketing terminology as given in the textbook::

    What…Product Introduction and overview
    Who (and why)…the target market is who they are
    How (and why)….you will market this to them, including both traditional and digital methods
FORMAT DETAILS: 12-point Arial font / Double-spaced / one-inch margin on all sides / Each of the three sections needs to be at least two full pages in length (not including any charts, tables, graphics, or pictures).

Each misspelled word, uncapitalized first word of a sentence, incorrect grammar usage, missing or incorrect punctuation will result in a five-point penalty. I highly recommend each of you use Grammarly and have someone whose writing you trust to proofread it before you submit it.

This paper can be 5 pages of written content and can include a page of pictures, graphs, etc.

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