Write a 9 pages paper on helping non-fluent readers. The problem of reading difficulty is not a simple one. The reason for this assumption is that this issue is not related to just the absence of participation of the person involved in his/ her tasks set by the teacher. Instead, it can be very complicated and it can be proved really challenging to face. More specifically, there are elements, like the absence of sufficient help, the lack of support from the family, or the existence of a disability that can be severe obstacles towards the resolution of the above problem effectively (Smith et al., 2003). It should also be noticed that the above problem can lead to severe consequences to a person’s life, not just in the short-term, but also on a long-term basis. McCutchen (2000, 13) made a survey trying to find the extension to which ‘multiple sources of knowledge, stored in long-term memory, are coordinated during writing within the constraints of working memory. The concept of long-term working memory is applied to the development of writing expertise. Based on the research reviewed, it is speculated that lack of fluent language generation processes constrains novice writers within short-term working memory capacity, whereas fluent encoding and extensive knowledge allow skilled writers to take advantage of long-term memory resources via long-term working memory’. The above findings prove that the problem in reading can create constraints in the writing competence of the person involved.

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