Write a 7 pages paper on media as watchdog. This notion gained momentum after successive events like globalisation and the loss of authoritarian regimes that the general masses looked forward to the media to provide them with the real picture (Coronel, pp.1, 2008). However, before having a thorough analysis of the function of media as a watchdog, it is essential to note that this feature is highly influenced by the kind of media operated in each country. This indicates that there are countries in which government has full control over the content of media like China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba (Trappel, Meier, D’Haenens, Steemers & Thomass, pp. 33, 2011).

When we argue that the element of investigative journalism primarily brings a collective change in the overall practice and even the public policy on part of the government, we mean that media is basically responsible to bring the real deeds of the government and state officials public and empower the general masses with this view. This means that if the wrongdoings are exposed and the public has an access towards this information then, they are in the right position to demand modifications and reforms (Coronel, pp. 2-3, 2008). The concept of freedom of speech, then, comes as handy and public either pursues media channels to convey their responses over particular matters or through other means of protests. Although, it is important to keep in mind that all such actions are dependent upon the nature and extent of political and social freedom that vary from one country to the other.

The era of post-dictatorship in South Asia is a good example of the practice of watchdog journalism. The exposure of the corruption became part of the mainstream and tabloid press at the same time. Mostly, to get maximum viewership, the television in the broadcast media started giving sensational news, which eventually became a treat for the public. They took the support of the hidden cameras and other resources exposing the government.

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