Write a 5 pages paper on environmental scan paper. Evaluation of the internal and external environments is then followed by crucial decisions regarding long and short term goals and finally organizes for the implementation of the plan of action. This writing describes the internal and external environments of Lego and Harley Davidson companies using an environmental scan. The argument of this writing is to carefully examine, evaluate and analyze both the internal and external environments of Lego and Harley Davidson that enable them gain competitive advantage in their respective industries. Lego is a company that has been successful in the toy and over 150 different types of products for the last 60 years and above. Lego Company has remained successful because of her great global and competitive strategies it has employed. LEGO Group has strived to beat her competitors in the industry due to her initiative of embracing new technology. Internal Environment According to Metcalf &amp. Lafranco (2013), inbound logistics which emphasizes on raw material is fundamental in the company’s operations. It acquires her main bulk of chemical materials from Lanxess, a German company which provides standardized ingredients without any bottleneck that may interfere with Lego’s company. Lego further focuses on her product’s future demands by ensuring proper product mix.

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