Write 9 pages with APA style on Magnetic Levitation. Since the development and implementation of a working system, the study of magnetic levitation technology and its application has increased as more firms around the world identify more application of the technology. Currently, JR-Maglev from Japan and TransRapid International from Germany are the two major commercial implementations of the technology. The implementation of this technology is based on the implementation of three primary functions: suspension or levitation, propulsion and guidance. This paper is aimed at reviewing the current implementation of magnetic levitation technology and it is how its implementation relates to the basics of electromagnetics.

Magnetic levitation technology has been implemented in four fields according to Sadiku and Akujuobi (2006) and Park (2014), which are the novelty toys industry, the transportation industry, the manufacturing industry and the defence industry. Magnetic levitation has been implemented in the novelty toy industry based on the ease and cheapness of acquiring magnets for use in small toys. Such toys include magnetically levitated globes as shown in figure 1.

Magnetically levitating globes can be found in offices and are quite impressive although they just implement basic electromagnetic principles. According to Elreesh and Hamed (2012), the globes uses magnetic field sensors that permanently measure the height each globe is to be suspended which then transmits the data to a microcomputer located in the base unit. To keep the globes correctly levitated, the computer calibrates the electronic magnets located at the top of the frame. Other toys such as the Tasmanian devil implementation by Wendy’s fast food store chains applies the same electromagnetic principles. According to Ueno and Higuchi (2004), the implementation of such toys is based on the use of regulated electro-magnets and a computer that ensures that the height of the suspended object remains intact offering an illusion of defying gravity by levitating the objects.

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