Write 7 pages thesis on the topic if facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated. The popularity of Facebook can spread far and wide. According to a report published on the internet, the population of Facebook comes only third to the population of mighty as well as the most populous nations like China and India (Lur, 2010). This only cements the need for the presence of any firm on Facebook. This apart, one should also consider, while thinking from the point of view of a marketer, the immense opportunities it holds given the number of people or for that matter prospective customers a firm may be in a position to reach with the help of Facebook. Also, comes the possibility of a level of visibility that is eventually unprecedented for a firm unless one spends millions on the marketing of its products as well as services on various media.

How Do You Want People to View your Business

It is imperative that marketing would involve taking care of various aspects of the products or services one markets to the customers. The chief factors to be kept in mind are that of the brand that one intends to build as well as the positioning that the firm intends to achieve through proper marketing of the product or service one deals in. in the context of positioning the brand or for that matter, the product or service one is trying to uphold, it basically refers to “the act of developing the company’s offerings and image to occupy a distinct place in the minds of the target market (Panda, 2007).

In this context, Facebook is highly likely to develop an image as per the requirements of exactly what the firm wants to be looked at. Also, this would enable to get in touch with the exact target customers that a firm is looking for.

Give Your Customers a Place to Talk

Since Facebook is a forum that allows participation of both the marketer as well as the customer, it is imperative that it supports relationship marketing. In addition to helping firms to constantly keep in touch with their customers, both existing as well as perspective, it also allows customers to voice their opinions without having to take the pain of searching for a proper channel with which to approach the firm.

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