Write 6 pages with APA style on Origins of Sound Installation. The visual and aural domains often have distinct relationships that are usually formed by perception artists. Such concepts like soundscape and auditive culture are the focus of many researchers. These concepts have been applied in the exploration of a wide variety of phenomena such as sound pollution, warfare, art application of sound in media, sales situations and in music. Moreover, this tendency has been evidenced in various theoretical movements which depict reality as a ‘world of sound.’

According to Andrew Hugill1, through the editing and imagery of the video, the structural role of rhythm and Timber are reinforced. They further contend that since images inform sound and sound also informs image, congruity between sound and image is manifested. Congruity, however, is also directly associated to the rhythm in a piece of music and image editing.

The advent of new technological instruments such as computers, which have been ushered in the latter half of the 20th century, have brought a fundamental shift in the conceptualization of sound art. Instruments such as the microphone have exponentially amplified the ability to capture and manipulate sound. With the computers, the power to create sounds that initially could not be created using off-the-shelf filtering systems has been heightened. In addition, the 20th and 21st technologies, which have been evident through recording and transmissions, have played a fundamental role in shaping the ontology of sound.&nbsp.

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