Write 5 pages thesis on the topic main aspects of. &nbsp.Despite the challenges, Carver highlights the main issues during the literary era which include slavery and the segregation of communities based on color, race, and financial ability. The story highlights the challenges of the past and allows the reader to take a journey through the challenging issues of inequality and racism. Financial inequality is the focus of the article with Carver developing the story using literary devices.

In the story Cathedral, Carver takes the reader through a journey of self-actualization. The story is minimal with only three characters namely the narrator, the main character’s wife, and the third party being the blind man Robert. The success of the author depicted the desire of the hearts of the different. Inequality is depicted in the story through the different lives lived by the characters. The inequality in the story is revealed in the complexity of the lives of the characters. The disconnect between the wife and the main character reveals the inequality and lack of understanding between the two families. In fact, the major issue addressed by Carver is the challenge of indecision and isolation. The creation of the different groups in the same family indicates the challenge faces by the members. The story reveals the nature of society and the challenge posed by the different groups of people and the selfish nature of individuals in society. The article is vital because it links the issue of inequality with choices and family set-up. In the conclusion of the story, it is evident that the challenge of inequality is massive and changes in society’s values and focus are mandatory.

The article addresses racial discrimination by focusing on the current world.&nbsp.&nbsp.racial discrimination has been the main problem in American society.

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