Write 4 pages with APA style on Ritual Sacrifice in a Nameless Society. Moreover, the essay looks deep into instituting advanced ways of offering sacrifices (ways that have no impact to a living creature). Finally, here are the reasons for adopting better ways of instituting rituals.

From time in the past, sacrifices offered to holy beings worshipped by the inhabitants of a certain community establish the terms that people are to live with one another. Interaction of beings in a society is crucial, especially to the rulers who desire to enact changes in the cultural beliefs. People from the same community should have similar guiding principals concerning who to worship and when to worship. Frazer asserts that it is necessary to offer as forfeit to the Gods. Rulers (specifically kings) carry out the burden of what is most presentable before the Holy being. Beings in the past communities performed rituals involving sacrificing human lives.

Societies have much concern with the security of every individual being within it. The practice of ritual offering depends on several motives. The prime rationale is the need to live better and God pleasing lives. Craving to have a better destiny dictates why people opt for and choose the medium thought to bring forth good advances. An additional ground for sacrificing human persons is the wish to uphold the cultural ways of worshiping. Lastly, there is the urge for privileges to the community. The set ritual instills fear in other persons undertaking duties initially carried out by rulers (Frazer).

Administration of sacrificial items is essential, as it dictates the degree at which people are worth to their Gods. People give sacrifices in terms of human blood by simply taking away an individual’s life (Chapter XXVII). Traditionally, offerings in terms of human sacrifice appeared to be the best way, denoting people who are ready to surrender to the will of their creator.

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