Write 4 pages thesis on the topic research design paper. The tangible evidences would incorporate the factual results obtained. The findings would be pertaining to situations such as the suicide terrorism cases after a specific duration. The research plan intends to show respect to all suggestions of the theories and through the appreciation of all arguments by the researches, no theory will manifest superiority aspect over the other. The dependent variables of the theories include the specific theoretical aspects that rely on other factors for existence and understanding. The independent variables outstand in every perspective and duration. The independent variables possess the potentiality of manifesting logics on their own means. The regime theory emanates within the international dealings drawn from the liberal customs stipulating that the international institutions or administration affect the behavior of states. The theory presumes that cooperation can result in the anarchic situations of countries since the regimes depict the international circumstances of cooperation amongst the nations. The observable implication of the regime theory states that a state exists in its current position because of the policies employed. The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism highlights on some of the vital aspects on the suicide terrorism.

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