Write 3 pages thesis on the topic case studies questions. Furthermore, the company has transitioned over several years from a captive provider to a non-captive providing third party services. Poland’s competitive strategy has enhanced its expansion across the globe. It has recognized business opportunities based on its market aptitude and study. A basic methodology in a basic operational level at BPOLAND involves numerous steps such as understanding clients’ solution identification, pilot operations, existing processes and service delivery. Sandeep Mirchandani the current vice president of BPOLAND requires a lot of knowledge within and without BPOLAND for effective management at BPOLAND. This study intends to answer the following questions related to the BPOLAND Company. Analyze the key HR challenges faced by BPOLAND There exist numerous challenges that face BPOLAND. They include employer turnover, workforce strategy and composition, level of skills and work place change. It is significant to note that, BPOLAND is diversified its operations across the globe since 2004 (Lakewood, 2003). The change of work place has created dynamism in the whole structure and training practices of the company. The significance diversity of consumer’s needs exhibited in the third party firms has presented complex challenges, which include, the necessity to revolutionize the verbiage used in the captive environment. The employee turnover is another challenge facing the BPOLAND Company. The high rate affects the provision of training large numbers of recruits. The workforce strategy and composition poses a key challenge to BPOLAND due to its complexity and numerous steps followed to ensure complete implementation. In addition, the training becomes sophisticated as it entails numerous divisions. On the other hand, levels of skills required by diverse departments of BPOLAND are relatively high, and the process of recruiting such high skilled workforce is long and cumbersome since the recruits must pass through different interviewers and panels before recruited. What are the key problems or issues for Engstrom Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant is faced by several problems, which include motivational breakdown of the workforce throughout the down turn in the Auto Mirror industry. The company was not able to uphold and manages the bonus issue spur plan, which was in place before the crisis. This saw majority of the workers loose morale of working and this situation contributed immensely to the slow rate of the company’s economic growth. It is noticeable that, the failure of the Scanlon Plan caused other issues within the company. These issues revolved around trust and fairness (Lakewood, 2003). The employees did not have full trust on the company management particularly on the future endeavors. In addition, the issue of unfairness on bonus sharing was evident between supervisors and workers. The workers opted that. they could receive a lion’s share since they worked for it, but instead the supervisors allocated themselves large shares and distributed fewer shares to the workers. This did not arguer well with the employees, and it further enhanced the unmotivated working spirit. Other issues included lack of planning and considerable possibility of some clients loosing certification. What are the key challenges facing HCL Technologies when Vineet took over? HCL faced key challenges like narrowing of the domestic market.

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