Write 2 pages with APA style on Common Sense in Education. Beyond merely telling a unique story, this particular plot and sub-theme help to show a level of disconnect between a generation gap in society. Ultimately, higher education is something that has only recently come to be promoted as useful for each and every individual in society. In years past, higher education was something that was seemingly reserved only for the upper echelons of the very rich were those that sought to further a specific career goal. However, within the current time, societal pressure encourages each and every individual, regardless of social stature or level of financial income to pursue higher education as a means of bettering their own life. In many ways, the… Upon higher education and the importance of engaging with it has created a more educated society. However, as a means of playing the devil’s advocate, there has been a distinct loss with regards to the “common sense” that the father of this particular story seeks to promote. Due to the fact that individuals are not out working in the real world during their early adult life, they are oftentimes insulated with regards to the commonsense understandings that they should have concerning the way in which the world operates.

Ultimately, as a means of promoting education and furthering a level of understanding based upon the story that was read, it would be the recommendation of this particular student that the process of education should not only seek to impart valuable theoretical ideas and understandings with regards to the world, it should also attempt to promote a level of common sense understanding with respect to the way in which the physical world operates. Although theories and conjectures of science and the social sciences are without a doubt necessary as a means of furthering inquiry and understanding key concepts of the way in which human thought is developed, there is literally no substitute for developing a level of common sense that can be utilized both within the educational realm as well as within everyday life.

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