Write 15 pages thesis on the topic the primary means of distributing fiction. As these concepts are difficult to define or explain, fiction provides examples and analogies that bridge gaps in understanding as well as pose new questions to be answered. It also helps us to understand how these ideas were being formed and reinforced within the society in which these texts were written. Following the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2001, numerous programs reacted with a reassertion of traditional masculine stereotypes, establishing white-male dominance over everything that could be considered ‘other’, such as other races, women and other classes of society. An examination into one television series, Lost, illustrates how many of the concepts of the ‘other’, which had been relaxing to some degree in recent years, were reinforced and reintegrated into society through post-9/11 dialogues.

The tendency to revert to a protectionist and insular worldview is natural following or during crises. “The post-9/11 backlash is not a historical anomaly, but represents a recurring process of the construction of the Other within liberal polities in which long-term trends of racial exclusion become intensified within moments of crisis within the body politic”.&nbsp.

To understand what is meant by this, it is necessary to understand first what is meant by the term ‘other’ as it operates within the realm of racial relations, social relations, and gender relations and why these ideas would be ‘intensified within moments of crisis.’&nbsp. This is explained in the statement “[w]hat appears to be cultural units – human beings, words, meanings, ideas, philosophical systems, social organizations – are maintained in their apparent unity only through an active process of exclusion, opposition, and hierarchization.

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