Write 1 page thesis on the topic international marketing assignment. Selling Solar Panels in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is one of the most stable countries in the Middle East. The country is governed by a monarch and the king is responsible for making all major decisions (Shoult 22). The Saudi Arabian government ensures that they provide a conducive environment for business (Shoult 48). Studies have revealed that the country is among the 20 biggest economies in the globe and has also been ranked at position 22 out of 185 due to ease of doing business in the country and boasts of having the largest Arab economy (Shoult 3). The political risks include changes in the royal line that have threatened peace and stability (Shoult 23). Saudi Arabia has also been partly affected by the Arab unrest.

Saudi Arabia has literacy levels of about 84% (Askari 73). This is the highest in the Middle East. Arabic is the official and the most widely used language in Saudi Arabia. However, it is interesting to note that English is widely used in the business field. The government has also made English as the second compulsory language in schools. Islam is the official religion. The Islam sharia also rules the country, and all citizens are Muslims (Shoult 87). Most of the media houses use Arabic. However, some media outlets run in English.

The wide use of in English has affected business in Saudi Arabia positively (Shoult 67). This has encouraged businessmen from all over the world to invest in Saudi Arabia. Islam strongly affects the culture of Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudi Arabian government has come up with a short course that guides foreigners on how to do business in the country (Shoult 54). The language used in the media will help a company come up with a marketing technique that does not violate the cultural beliefs of the people of Saudi Arabia and also ensures the advertisement reaches a huge number of people. Therefore, the company has to use the most widely used language for advertisement purposes.

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