Select:· 2 competencies from Pre-licensure KSAs on the QSEN Competencies page· 2 essentials from the AACN The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing PracticeComplete the table below by doing the following:1. In the second column, identify the competency or essential you need to address.2. In the third column, identify specific knowledge, skills, or attitudes (KSAs) you need to develop, and cite your source.a. QSEN citation hint: Per the QSEN Competencies web page, the competencies were taken from another source, which is cited in footnote 2. The page number in the example below was taken from the primary source.3. In the fourth column, describe how you will develop yourself and give yourself a timeframe.4. In the fifth column, explain why this improvement is important to your development as a nurse.

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