topic:Social Psychology on self efficacyreason for choice:since Self-efficacy has become an important variable within social psychological research on its association with various favorable consequences related to mental health.Developing a r esearch p roposal is a good way to experience the r esearch aspects of social psychology firsthand without conducting an actual r esearch study.In this a ssignment, you need to develop a r esearch p roposal.IntroductionLiterature ReviewMethodologyDiscussion and ConclusionReferencesEach week, you will concentrate on creating a section of the r esearch p roposal.  The Methodology section may be based on either of the two major r esearch designs, quantitative and qualitative. You will develop the f inal p roject as the course progresses by collating all the sections and incorporating them into a f inal p roposal due for submission in Week 10.********This Week*****************Work on the Introduction section of the r esearch p roposal. Include the following:Select a topic for your r esearch p roject.Explain why this topic is of interest to you (Be careful not to use first-person as this is a formal p aper).Explain the topic and describe the potential research areas in the topic.Using APA format, be sure to parenthetically cite your sources, and Reference on a separate page.

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