we will think more about translanguaging and what it can mean for  language education classrooms. Last week, the presentation and materials addressed school belonging and instructional approaches that support language and content learning. For this module, I would like you to think further about how translanguaging within the language education program you plan to work with can support students in learning content.  

Read the entire article and while you are reading, make 5 to 6  comments or notes regarding information you find to be really important or that is difficult to comprehend.

I would also like you to take note of any critical encounters with text . Critical encounters occur when a reader identifies a passage, quote, or event in a text that changes previously held beliefs about a subject

Note : I want the work done in PDF, not word document. The file name is Translanguaging as Transmediation.  highlight the sentence and make a comment see the example in attachments 

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