Signature Assignment (see Week 8) will be a compilation ofjournal entries each week, aimed at helping you trace your own ethical development, identify important issues in ethics, and address special questions or issues that might interest you. You will submit this completed journal as your final, Signature Assignment for this course. By preparing one portion of your journal each week, when you reach the final week of the course, your Signature Assignment will only need a bit of polish and reflection to complete!

To compile the Signature Assignment, for each topic that you studied during the course, address the following in a journal entry:

What surprised you about ethics, or ethics in psychology this week?
How have you seen the ethics issues covered this week applied in professional psychology (on the job, in media reports, in fiction)?
Which of the topics you studied this week puzzled you or piqued your interest for further study?
Reference one journal article or scholarly website that relates to the topic of the week.
This week, you will submit your initial entry to the journal; your instructor will give you feedback. Be sure that you have developed an appropriate journal entry form.

Length: 1.5 – 2 pages

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