Now that you’ve learned about Dramatic Structure and Characters, let’s have some fun in creating your very own play.

Follow the instructions below and upload your work! The great thing about playwriting is you can write what you want as long as you keep the structure, OR intentionally break-it! Do you want to use poetry, go for it! Spoken word is a form of theatrical performance. Are you a lyricist? Write a song, songs are theatrical!

The only rule is, it must be your work.


1. Take out a piece of paper, OR a word doc and label up to 10 lines A and B (5 lines for A and 5 lines for B)

2. Next, Write down 10 Aggressive Verbs to use for each line 1-10 (Assign one to each line) (Ex: Mutilate, Crush etc.)

3. Third, create a dialogue utilizing these verbs (What is a dialogue? A conversation between 2 or more people!)

4. Once it’s written, create a scenario. Give an introduction leading in.

4. Admire your work! and TURN IT IN!


(Two people with headsets on, staring into their computer screens on opposite sides of the stage, One in black and One in White)

A. I am going to CRUSH you!

B. Not if I MUTILATE your ice pick First!?!

A. Oh Yeah? Try TERMINATING me and you’ll see what’s coming!?!

(If you feel so inclined, you can turn in an audio recording or video recording of your script!)

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