I will pay for the following article The Academic Performance of the Student: the Revising the Pattern of the Tests. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. To start with, the very nature of the tests is controversial and debatable. Scholars now believe that these tests depend heavily on memorizing the data in the curriculum (Brown et al., 2000), and therefore are based on the recalling of information (Brown et al., 2000) rather than application and conceptual learning. The students are subjected to undue and unnecessary pressure (Brown et al., 2000) due to this nature of the tests, in that they have to cram the information instead of developing knowledge and the practice of that knowledge (Brown et al., 2000). Whereas some of the information is imperatively required to be memorized, the very design of the tests should not be as such. This system of testing, hence, means that the tests are not diverse in nature (Brown et al., 2000). They do not cater to or even take into account the different mindsets of the students (Brown et al., 2000). Every student is not good at memorizing and cramming, and therefore, many students are left at a disadvantage due to the nature of the tests (Brown et al., 2000). Another problem can be the area of emphasis on the tests. For instance, many university admission tests require the students to be good at mathematics (Elford, 2002), which is unfair and disadvantageous for those students who do not have a mathematical mind and who are opting for the arts or social sciences (Elford, 2002). Not addressing such issues means that the tests have a restricted scope (Elford, 2002). Another issue with the tests is their approach to the curriculum.


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