Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Marketing of Swing Jacket Inc. The problem is that, before initial production, the company did not have requisite consumer information to inform the actual production. In this case, the firm has proposed a study in order to determine the causes of Swing Jacket return rates once purchases have been made.

In marketing products, consumer behaviour is always an important aspect (Aaker 1991. Conover, J. N. 1982). According to Perner, L (2010), market research is often carried out to ensure that what is produced is what customers yearn for and not what the producers’ term as the ideal product. Such researches should be done before the actual production of goods/products to ensure production is targeted specifically for the population segment which should be understood first before production. In this case, the main purpose of the proposed study will be to determine the causes of Swing Jacket return rates once purchases have been made despite the fact that golfers who had tried the Jacket before its debut didn’t show any sign of embarrassment while wearing the device nor did they find it uncomfortable. In addition, during the initial stages of development, no problems were identified at all. Further, it will be of importance to establish whether the information contained in the infomercial is coherent with the product. This is Bettman and Park (1980) puts it goes a long way in maintaining marketing ethics of beneficence, where the benefits and not risks are spread out uniformly between the sellers and buyers. This goes a long way to maintaining consumer trust.

The study of consumer needs on a Swing Jacket will help Swing Jacket Inc. to improve the Swing Jacket with the understanding of how consumers perceive the product and how they make their selections between different&nbsp.alternatives if any.&nbsp.

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