Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic An Individual Reflective Analysis: Online Business Strategy Game. During the discussion, I will also use the theories that I had learned while completing my degree at the university.

The BSG online game or better known as the business strategy game online is a simulation game played by students as well as experts to enhance their business operating knowledge. It involved the accurate prediction of the stocks, taking up the realistic decision and at the same time incurring profits for the virtual firm (Johnson Jr. and Stappenbeck et al., 2010).

The Business Strategy Game is a no holds barred rivalry: organization against the organization. Each one organizations group focused on exertion opposite adversaries is essential to market victory. Your group is in as practical an organization and intense market setting as would be prudent and are dealing with all parts of the organizations’ operations.

This MBA level on the web, PC-based certifiable reproduction has been utilized by in excess of 500 business schools in 25 nations and has had 500,000 players. It is a demonstrated testing ground for vital hypothesis in an experiential taking nature (Johnson Jr. and Stappenbeck et al., 2010).

The positive issues while playing this game were it helped me gain knowledge practically and I could also apply my learning skills without the fear of losing in real time. It gave me the idea of what are the possible threats and how to overcome those while running your own business. Earlier I had the notion that once I have enough money to set up a company of my own, I will be hiring different people for different sections who will be running them and reporting to me. My job would be to listen to them and give them targets that need to be achieved by their team. Once I started playing this game, I had a face a whole different reality altogether. It was not just sitting and going through progress reports but I had to run the show.

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