Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Learning Spanish. The lesson plan proposes to ensure that the students read all the three books, so that the underlying themes can be compared in class.

According to Schon (1986), the author’s fascination with Mayan, Aztec, and Inca cultures is evident. however, she contends that the portrayal of the cultures in these books is largely negative because of the focus on violence and intrigue. She points out how there are detailed descriptions in the book of human sacrifice, such for example the slaves “whom they sacrificed on their many altars, cutting out their hearts with stone knives” (The Captive at p 153, cited in Schon, 1986:323). This thematic unit is therefore important because it will attempt to test the student perception of such negative elements, through a contrast with the more positive aspects of pre-Colombian culture.

The comparative study of the texts, coupled with other elements such as comparison of writings, viewing of sections of the film “Dances with Wolves” directed by Kevin Costner, which will attempt to heighten the positive elements of such cultures would offer students a more comprehensive understanding of the cultural context within which the use of Spanish developed. This would also be coupled with language and grammar exercises, which would help to improve the level of student language use.

The national ACTFL Standards are set out in the document titled Standards for Foreign Language Learning. Standards are content frameworks that define what the students are expected to know and should be able to do after being provided with foreign language instruction in a K-12 sequence. Students should not only know about language, but should also be able to use it successfully. In total, there are eleven standards, which are geared towards providing students with “the powerful key to successful communication: knowing how, when, and&nbsp.why to say what to whom”.

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