Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Korean History. In Korean history, this period is also known as the “Time of Japanese Forced Occupation.” Let us discuss the various economic changes that Korea underwent when ruled by Japan.

Colonialism is defined as the process of exploitation of a weaker country by a stronger country. In other words, it is a process by which stronger nations take control over weaker nations by establishing their power and exploiting the resources of the weaker nations in order to strengthen their economy.

Capitalism is a social system which exists in all the countries of the world. Capitalism involves distributing and producing goods that are owned by a small minority of people. Under capitalism, the private owners who are rich in economic status flourish more and more by utilizing the manpower of the poor workers working under them.

The term colony comes from the Latin word colon us, which means farmer. This term reminds the practice of colonialism that involved the transfer of population to a new geographic area where the newcomers lived as the settlers with the permanent mind while solving the allegiance of the politics of their country. Colonialism is thus a practice or power which involves the control of one county by another country.

Colonialism here refers to the act of Japanese people settling in Korea. At the initial stages, many Japanese came to Korea to farm and to fish the beautiful waters. Later on, they started to fix the crop prices. The high crop prices and taxes forced the Korean residents, especially farmers to relocate to Manchuria, a place in Japan. Many Koreans were made to work as laborers in Japanese soil.

The big business enterprise and semi-governmental organizations in Japan began to establish a monopoly on the mining, industry, and commerce. The progress in energy, transportation and communication systems, agriculture, commercial distribution, and monetary control was the benefit of the Japanese.

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