1. What research question is being addressed in this study (it may not be stated explicitly, but try to put the basic question into your own words)? *2. What is the hypothesis? *3. What is the first independent variable? *Your answerThis is a required question4. What are the levels of the first IV? *Your answer5. What is the second independent variable? *Your answer6. What are the levels of the second IV? *Your answer7. What is the first dependent variable? *8. How was the first DV operationalized? *9. What is the second dependent variable? *Your answer10. How was the second DV operationalized? *Your answer11. How do you know that this study is an experimental design (and not a quasi-experimental or non-experimental design)? *Your answer12. Describe the participants in the study. How many participants are there? Where were the recruited from? Why did they participate? *Your answer13. In your own words what was the result of the study? Did they match the hypothesis? *Your answer14. What conclusions were drawn about human behavior? Go beyond simply re-stating the results. State the big-picture. *Your answer15. What is one possible confound in the study? Please explain your response. *Your answerHow difficult was it for you to complete this assessment? Do you think you had enough background knowledge to answer these questions? What was the most challenging part?

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