social psychology


Objective: Describe the ways culture influences aggressive behavior. 

Sandys college friend, Matt, is a biology major. Hes convinced that human aggression is innate. Its woven into our DNA. Sandy, whos majoring in sociology, is absorbed in completing a course in social psychology. If youre Sandy, how might you rebut Matts position if youre aware that aggression is greatly influenced by culture? Provide evidence for your understandings based on Chapter 12 in your textbook. 

Objective: Explain the concept of social identity and describe its components. 

Karen, a student of social psychology, wants to explain social identity theory to Molly, a fellow student majoring in math. Karen realizes shell need to enumerate the pros and cons of (1) social identity, (2) ethnocentrism, (3) in-group bias, and (4) out-group homogeneity. Imagine youre Karen, and based on what youve learned from Chapter 13, 

Objective: Briefly describe five aspects and components of prejudice using examples. 

 (1) The definition of prejudice; (2) the affect component of prejudice; (3) the cognitive component of prejudice; (4) the nature of stereotypes, and (5) the behavioral component of prejudice. You should provide examples of each concept based on your text and/or on your personal experience.

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