My final project is Kate Spade New York please focus working on this brand.

Here is the Final Project Description:

Kate Spade New York company and analyze it based on these core plan components that will result in the creation of a mini-social media marketing plan for  Kate Spade New York brand with instructor approval:

1.  Brand Value Proposition

2.  Buyer Persona

3.  Brand Story

4.  Content Distribution Strategy

5.  Content Strategy

This is Team project.  You will be learning more about the above areas as the course progresses.  Your plan will be developed in sections throughout the semester and submitted at the end of Module 5 [June 13]. 

Final Project Description

The final project will consist of completing these five core components of a social media marketing plan.  The Teams will select a brand and based on his/her review of the brand’s website, blogs, and social media channels will provide an analysis of the following sections of your mini-social media marketing plan.

Brand Value Proposition (BVP)
For the first step, based on the company you selected, answer the questions below based on your review of their website, blogs, and social media accounts — that is, utilizing publicly available information.

Why does your company exist?
What problems do your customers have which your brand solves?
What are the rational and emotional needs your brand serves?
What does your company do best?
What do you want the prospect to believe about your brand?
Then, describe the BVP (brand value proposition) for your brand and provide a rationale for your description.

Buyer Persona Development
Describe the ideal target buyer for your brand including using these labels:

Persona Name:



Buying stage:


What problems or pain points do they have to solve?

What do we want them to believe about the brand?  What is the brand’s BVP?

3.  Brand Story

Describe the companys brand story and why it is effective, or not. Watch this video by Simon Sinek:

How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek.

You may also purchase if you wish the text Start with Why.  The Golden Circle is the key, and learn how good brand stories start with WHY.  What is the core story at the heart of the brand?

4.  Content Distribution Strategy

Identify 3-4 social channels that are most likely to be effective for your brand and discuss how you would use them, e.g., key messages, etc.

Content Marketing Strategy
Summarize the brands position in the following areas:

Who:              Describe the target buyer persona

What:              Describe the content types that address your persons needs.

When:            What is the ideal frequency of social media messages by channel?

Where:          What channels will you use to reach your target persona?

How:              How is the content to be delivered?  e.g., influencers, social employees, etc.

Why:              What is the primary reason to choose the brand? Whats their story?  An understanding of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle will help here.

Ps, Dont forget Every slides must have notes.

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