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so there is two parts the proposal is one and the first reading and answering qestions is the second one they’re separate

This week we will be exploring ideas of ways we might live with less racism

READ: A Restorative ApproachPreview the document,” “Responding to Everyday Bigotry (Links to an external site.)” and “Ten Things You Can Do (Links to an external site.)

As you read the assigned articles for this week use the following prompts to prepare you for our course discussion:

  1. When someone has wronged you, it is likely that you would like some type of justice. For example, if your sister borrowed your iPad without asking and then broke it, you might want her to compensate you in some way. Do you think that in order for justice to be served fully that some form of punishment is necessary? What if the person’s actions harmed you significantly? Should the person always be punished? Does punishment always mean justice has been served? Can you think of any incidents in which punishing someone (e.g., minor punishment like being grounded, or major punishment such as imprisonment) does not equal justice?
  2. Of the ten things you can do to improve race relations, what are at least two that you think you could incorporate immediately? What specific ideas do you have for how you might go about implementing these in your life? For example, if you chose “step out of your comfort zone,” what specific activities do you know about that you plan get to (or already have gotten) involved with? Are there any that you find unrealistic or even objectionable?
  3. As you read the Southern Poverty Law Center’s page, “Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry,” what suggestions really stood out to you? Do you think these suggestions were helpful/realistic?

Please submit a brief proposal for your final project via Canvas by 06:00pm May 12 that indicates the following:

1) your choice of cultural context (e.g., media, business, etc.),

2) your research question, (e.g., what are the impacts of redlining on San Diego’s communities today?)

3) a working thesis statement that seeks to answer the research question, (e.g., Based on my research, I have found that there are significant lasting impacts on San Diego communities, including but not limited to impacts on schools, air quality, and transportation).

4) a list of sources you plan to use.

so there is two parts the proposal is one and the first reading and answering qestions is the second one they’re separate


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