Write a 7 pages paper on current terrorist and other political operations. In 1970, Sanchez travelled to a guerilla training camp run by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Amman, Jordan. This would form the basis of much of Sanchez’s activities and terrorist ideology, which was rooted in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. While training, he was given the pseudonym “Carlos” by PFLP spokesman Bassam Abu-Sharif. The Guardian newspaper in Britain gave him the moniker “The Jackal” after police found a copy of Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal in his abandoned apartment following his assassination of French intelligence agents (Hamm, 2007)⁠. Carlos the Jackal has freelanced for Saddam Hussein, Moammar Qaddafi, Marshal Tito, the Italian Red Brigade, the Spanish Basque ETA and the secret services of several Soviet bloc nations.

Carlos the Jackal was arrested by an American and French coalition effort in Khartoum, Sudan, following an operation on his groin. He is now serving a life sentence in Le Sante maximum security prison in Paris, France.

In a 1999 interview with New York Press, Sanchez made two main statements regarding his personal beliefs ⁠(Haden-Guest, 1999)⁠. The first is with reference to mainly secular terrorist attacks. that revolutionary development is a barometer of social injustice and is a permanent cycle. The second one is that the political effects of the growing disparity between rich and poor inevitably results in violently increasing revolutionary backlash. He made the second statement specifically with the then-dominant United States in mind.

Carlos the Jackal also stated that the majority of his terrorist attacks were done “in the name of Palestinian liberation and revolution” (Cody, 2010)⁠. In 1998, a will he wrote entitled En Cas de Mon Deces was released to the media. In that will, he stated that for every day that he spends in jail, one American or Zionist should be killed (Haden-Guest, 1999)⁠.

Sanchez is most well known for the 1975 kidnapping of over 60 hostages, eleven of which were OPEC oil ministers at the OPEC headquarters in Vienna, Austria (Cody, 2010. Haden-Guest, 1999. “What’s up with the notorious terrorist Carlos the Jackal?” 2002)⁠.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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