The Carnegie Hero Fund was established to recognize persons who perform acts of heroism in civilian life in the United States and Canada and to provide financial assistance for those disabled and the dependents of those killed helping others. Established in 1904 by Andrew Carnegie, the commission has recognized more than 8,000 acts of heroism since its founding. In addition to a medal, awardees receive $2,500.Directions:Following the steps below, scholarly write in APA format 1000 words:Visit the website:  (Links to an external site.)Click on Heroes, then choose a hero.Drawing on the course material describe 2 social psychological factors which may have contributed to the act of helping behavior. Make sure to address the following:Describe the circumstances of the heroic act.Discuss the possible reasons the hero helped.Why do you think the hero assumed the responsibility of helping?What were some of the costs and/or benefits for helping for the hero?Do you believe the behavior of the hero to be altruistic?Consider your own personality, and compare it to that of the hero. Do you have an altruistic personality?

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