Need an research paper on the security properties of network applications. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. That is. confidentiality, integrity and availability of data to the right person. Not only will this report cover the network applications security, but it will also look into the network applications architecture and how this architecture can be best implemented so as to ensure data confidentiality, data integrity and data availability. For this case study, BF is a social network application that aids individuals to have a social forum with other people. Through that, an interested individual will have to register with BF so that they can be in a position to communicate with other individuals through the use of text and sending of images and videos. 1.2 Application description What are network applications? These are programs that run on a network and they allow for more than one user to have access to the program. Network applications can either be run online or offline. Offline network applications can be related to programs such as Office. These programs can be installed and/ or networked from the main server so that they can allow more that one individual to have access to using the program. When it comes to online network applications, these are applications that need an online server and a client. both of which must communicate in real time else they will no longer be referred to as online network applications. In this case, there is a server which is located in the data centre. The server stores all the relevant data and information that may be queried by a client. The client on most occasions could be a web browser or another computer/ laptop/ or gadget. How does BF work? What is the user experience of BF? Based on the above application description, the same ideology can be applied to our case. that is the BF social network application program. It is important to note that BF also uses the same application description where there exists a server and a client. The servers (s) are always located in the data centre. This is to ensure that they are not accessed by individuals who are not authorised to come into contact with them. In addition to that, the client in this instance will be the web browser that the user will use so as to key in the Universal Resource Locator (URL) of BF. Example: http: // Once the user hits the search button from their web browser, that will send a request for the search of the URL (http: // and the corresponding BF server will respond to the request by providing that particular web page that the user searched for. After that, the user will register/ sign up with BF by providing their personal details such as: their email address, physical address and real names. Assumptions made about BF: Based on the BF social network application program, some of the assumptions that can be made include: Communication concurrency: Due to the fact that BF is an online social network application, information is prone to be exchanged between the server and the client. With that, communication concurrency should be adhered to strictly. An assumption is that the lack of communication concurrency between the server and the client will lead to data loss. Stability: Stability is critical to a social network application program. Lack of stability can cause huge losses due to downtime of the program. This is majorly caused when the servers cannot handle user’s overwhelming requests. Data security: There is exchange of data between the server and the client. Therefore, data security should be critically analysed.

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