Need an research paper on language development in early childhood. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. I was so conscious of this when I was talking to L and was worried that my inability to understand him might result in negative consequences. I am aware that patience and sensitivity are important professional responsibilities for a qualified teacher to have to support the development of children’s language and communication skills.

A teacher will interact with learners (students), and should at all times maintain high standards of sensitivity and compassion, to recognise and respect others as individuals and to care for the learning of those who are disadvantaged and those with learning difficulties (The Teachers Council “Fit to be a teacher” criteria&nbsp.)

Children use language for many purposes (Otto, 2010) such as telling stories that may be real from their own experiences, or contrived from their imaginations. directing stories. expressing pride. obtaining help when needed. sharing experiences in varied social settings, and developing conversational skills. However, teachers should be more patient with toddlers who are still developing their language skills and may have difficulty in doing so. Dismissing them from their attempts at communication will discourage them from trying again, but showing encouragement by giving one’s full attention will motivate them to find more ways to communicate their ideas.

It is essential that toddlers get to be engaged in conversations no matter how little they may say. Piaget and Vygotsky, key people in the study of language and thought, believe that development will not take place unless children engage in rich, meaningful conversations with others. In doing so, they internalize language to more complex thinking (Neuman & Roskos, 1993).

I have to always keep in mind that every child has the right to be heard. With toddlers who are in the process of developing their language skills and identities, they need more patience in being understood.&nbsp.

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