Need an research paper on gas turbine engine configuration. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. A powerful type of engine is being utilized today for various purposes that require much more torque and power like in the jet aeroplanes, etc. such type of engines are known as gas turbine engines.

A gas turbine engine is totally an internal combustion engine that burns the fuel to extract the chemical energy stored in the fuel. A gas turbine engine has no cavity that could be named piston. It works on utilizing the behavior of fuel when burnt with compressed air. The main part of a gas turbine engines is the main turbine and rotor assembly that has the various section that changes the flow of air through the turbine engine. A turbine sucks air into the engine cavity, a compressor attached with the turbine compresses the air (Birch 2001), the next step is to mix the air with the fuel and ignite it and then a compressor that pushes the hot gasses out. The gas turbine engines are classified into four types depending on which part the fuel is ignited. All the four types of the engine have three parts in the common compressor, burner and turbine that is named as the core of a gas turbine engines.

The four types of gas turbine engines are turbojet, turbofan, turbo propeller and afterburning turbojet (NASA 2008). Thrust is the amount of force that is the output power of the gas turbine engine and it is responsible for the motion of aircraft, etc. The motion of the aircraft, which is fitted with a gas turbine engine, is because of the thrust produced by the gas turbine engine (Soares 2007). The motion of an aircraft of some other vehicle having a gas turbine engine utilizes Newton’s third law that states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” (Holzner 2011). When the fuel is burnt in the Gas turbine engine, the thrust produced by the engine makes the aircraft or turbine to move forward.

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