Need an research paper on contemporary issues in marketing. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. It started off firstly like a fad and over the decades eating fast-food has become more a necessity than anything else (Gelder).

With the changing nature of lifestyles, parents started working more hours or taking up two jobs at a time to keep up with the rising prices and tougher competition and to be able to do that, they often bought fast-food for their children or raised their allowance to accommodate eating out at fast-food chains. According to Dev (2005), this saved the parents time and the hassle of cooking at home. At the same time, the children enjoyed the atmosphere that these restaurants provided and started going out to eat more often. As Doyle (2000) claims they met their friends there and soon these fast-food chains become a hangout for the children. Coupled with that, the reasonably priced products offered value meals complete with deals like a hamburger with fries and a drink. The atmosphere of the restaurants is just what today’s children like: fast music, internet access, clean and hygienic way of preparing food and quick service. Children today spend more on fast-food than any other kind of food globally as fast-food markets have developed across nations with chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza hut and Burger King etc (McDonald’s, 2008).

When the potential was seen in the industry, a lot of investment was made in the industry not realizing the repercussions it would cause. According to Dev (2005), the fast-food restaurant’s development in nationwide chains and then grew into gigantic multinational firms spread in every nook and corner of the world. With the spread of the industry and the easy availability of fast food everywhere, the children became more attracted to such food as it was delicious and easy to get plus the presence of such restaurants everywhere made it more tempting for the kids and they slowly became addicted to such meals (Gelder).

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