I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Sound Field Amplification Systems in the Classroom. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Sound field amplification is beneficial toward every child that is placed in a National Diffusion Network (NDN) equipped-classrooms. (www.classroomhearing.org, 2011) An estimated 33 babies are born daily with significant hearing loss in the U.S. This puts them significantly behind in auditory learning skills. Children who have this setback need all the help they can get when they get into the classroom setting. Teachers that are using this FM microphone system have reported that it improves the amount of attention each student has, and also that they better understand the directions when they are given. This system also lowers the number of times the teachers need to repeat themselves which give them more time to move on and learn more material. Along with these benefits there are fewer discipline problems and students that have a better attitude toward learning. There are many distractions and interfering noise that come with teaching in a child’s classroom. This system helps to make them less noticeable. Students who had NDN equipped classrooms had better read and language scores after just one years. Fewer employees are needed to achieve the same or even a superior education, making the system more cost effectively. The classrooms that have NDN radios help make the children with disabilities seem more “like” everyone else, while they are achieving academic success at the same rate. These classroom amplification systems should not only be used in classrooms where there are hearing-impaired children present. Many children have perceptual difficulties while listening, without actually having any hearing loss. This would mean that a child hears perfectly well, but has difficulty grasping and interpreting the message that is being given. These types of children are present in every normal sized classroom. Sound field amplification cannot only help them to interpret the lessons better, but also help them realize that they do have what it takes to be at the same level as their peers. This also helps with self confidence levels of children, making them all feels like they are equal in the class. Since most teachers are not taught how to tell whether or not a child is suffering from an auditory problem, they can sometimes mistake the children for having a disciplinary problem. Having these systems in every adolescent classroom would help to diminish the amount of disciplinary action that is taken upon children that have an underlying disability. Problem Statement Teachers and school often have a hard time projecting their voice so that all students can hear what is said at the front of the classroom, even in the back of the classroom. List of Definitions Sound Amplification System: a sound amplification system is a set of speakers inside the walls, or ceiling of a classroom and the teacher was a microphone around the teacher’s neck so that all students can hear even those in the back of the classroom.

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