Read intructions

take a side on the following controversial issue: “Is the importance of mental health downplayed in popular culture?” Now, use at least three of the linked sources to back up your ideas.  Dont use sources other than those listed below. Your essay should be in MLA format, 2 pages with a Works Cited page & in-text citations. As far as paragraph organization, think back to the persuasive essay, where your structure included an intro, 3 body paragraphs, a counterargument & rebuttal, and a conclusion.

1.4. Depression and Anxiety. :~:text=Several%20studies%20have%20found%20an,of%20experiencing%20depression%20and%20anxiety (Links to an external site.).
Pop Culture Gets Mental Illness Wrong. Heres How to Shift the Narrative. (Links to an external site.)
Social Media and Mental Health.,about%20your%20life%20or%20appearance (Links to an external site.).
Generation Z and Mental Health. (Links to an external site.)
A Hidden Epidemic and What You Can Do About It.

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