slide presentation of 12 with note in the note section , 5 references, apa7

 d make your recommendations to the organization. . ( use the Analytics Strategy Template to check your work.)

10. Technology & Infrastructure (Be as detailed as possible and use the Analytics Strategy Template to check your work.)

  1. Is the current technological system sufficient to implement your proposed plan?
  2. Are there any issues with the infrastructure that need to be addressed?
  3. How will the data be managed?
  4. What is the quality control process?
  5. How will data be integrated into the larger organization?
  6. Consider the economics and costs of the new system

11. Future State

  1. Address any gaps that you have discovered.
  2. Make recommendations to the organization to address the gaps.
  3. What reformation needs to take place in order to deliver better healthcare?
  4. What changes do you expect to take place if the system is implemented?

12. Communication Plan

  1. Describe your plans for communicating the data analysis and plan to all the stakeholders.
  2. Including a graph or chart may help you present your findings.
  3. Explain the connection between your findings, your proposal, and executing the organization’s strategy.

This is the conclusion so you need to make your recommendations to the healthcare system or organization. 

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