Begin the Final Research Paper that provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts covered throughout the course. Your responses should be complete and to the point. A minimum of eight (8) research references are required to complete your analysis for this paper. You are required to research professional journals, the Internet and the University Virtual Library. Please make sure your paper is submitted by the due date to ensure ample time for mentor feedback, and possible integration of feedback and revision if necessary. This paper is due in Week 7.This is a research paper.Do not use the course text.  This paper should be 10-12 pages plus a title and reference page, typewritten, double-spaced, in APA style.For your final paper, you are to choose any disorder covered in this course and the DSM-5. You will be researching the psychological, neurological, biochemical, genetic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects of the disorder you choose, with specific regard to psychopharmacological intervention.Your paper must include all of the following: 1. Disorder: Define and describe the clinical symptoms that manifest with this disorder2. Etiology of the disorder: Describe the known and potential contributing factors of this disorder, including psychological, neurological, biochemical, genetic, environmental and socio-cultural factors.3. Treatment: Describe what evidence based research has shown as the most effective models of intervention in treatment of this disorder, including psychotherapy and psychopharmacological methodologies.4. Clinical Integration: Illustrate your understanding of this disorder by providing a brief case example from your own practice or personal life that supports the research you have presented.Assignment Outcomes:Formulate the psychopharmacological interventions currently used for the DSM-5 disordersEvaluate and discuss the rationale for using psychopharmacological intervention with personality disordersCompare and contrast the biological, genetic, neurological, and physiological aspects of mental illness and pharmacology Integrate current evidence based research in psychopharmacologyConsider ethical and multicultural factors in psychopharmacologyDemonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology

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