***Due SATURDAY February 27th at 8:00pm EASTERN time***DO NOT CREATE A HANDSHAKE WITH ME IF YOU CANNOT HAVE THIS ASSIGNMENT COMPLETED BY THIS SATURDAY AT 8 PM EASTERN TIME!!!Save us all the headache here and please don’t bite off more than you can chew. I do not tolerate unprofessionalism and will report you if you blow this assignment off.I will attatch photos of the corresponding textbook pages to reference once a handhsake has been made.Watch Active Parenting Videos:Session 1: Video 7: Mutual RespectSession 1: Video 8: The Method of ChoiceSession 2: Video 3: Communication Blocks and DiscouragementSession 3: Video 3: Polite Requests, “I” Messages, and Firm RemindersSession 3: Video 4: Logical Consequences Either/Or ChoicesSession 3: Video 5: Logical Consequences When/Then ChoicesUsing examples from the Videos and our 2 Textbooks complete the following:Describe the benefits of Logical Consequences, Polite Requests, Mutual Respect, and The Method of Choice. Include examples from the Videos and our Textbooks.Describe the differences between punishment and logical consequences.Write 2 examples of “I” Messages, these sentences may be directed to a significant other, a relative (younger or older), or any other person.Write 2 examples of “Logical Consequences (Either/Or Choices),” and “Logical consequences (When/Then Choices).”Describe how you have found these methods in questions 3 and 4 to be effective and the potential ways they can improve relationships (child-parent, or sibling-sibling, uncle-nephew, etc).Your participation grade will be based on the QUALITY of your message board postings responses. Your initial post (answering the topic questions) should have a minimum of 250 words.  Attention the following is Mandatory: Refer to our 2 books and include at least 3-4 quotations in your initial post and 2-3 quotations in your response post from our textbooks.  Only posts that include the name of the author and page number at the end of the quotations (and include quotation marks) will receive points.

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